Things Fall Apart Essay

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Chinua Achebe's first novel Things Fall Apart is a story about an Igbo village in the late 1800's. In the story, Achebe illustrates that women in Igbo society as sadly Women in the Igbo culture are portrayed as meaningless human beings and they aren't as important than a man. The womans role is that she gets married at a young, she is one of the many wives a man will have, and is the mother of two or more kids. Being a woman in the Igbo society is basically a nasty insult as ability to “kill a mans spirit”(22). It is obvious that Igbo women aren't highly valued. If you look in a Westernized stand point women are highly valuable. Women in our society have a high value, they are not looked as useless humans who do not have any purpose of being around. In the book Things Fall Apart there is a one woman who is powerful and it highly thought of as great, Chielo the priestess of Agbala. “In ordinary life Chielo was a widow with two children”(42). In actuality Chielo is a good woman and she is very friendly and kind to others, but she is not one of the woman to be reckoned with she is at a higher power with the gods and she has supernatural powers. Now portraying a Westernized woman, they have the power to do the unthinkable, women now have the power to live in a mans world than being in the back light not shining. An Igbo man has a role of pure dominance, they are only providers for their wives and children. Okonkwo ruled his household, his wives especially the youngest lived