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“Things Fall Apart”

In the novel “Things Fall Apart” by Chinua Achhebe, the main character Okonkwo faces many obstacles throughout his life. Unfortunately, he did not have the start in life which many other young children had. His father did inherit him with neither a barn nor a title. His father was drunk and underachiever. That so, he did not receive a proper burial. Okonkwo biggest fear was to become like his father. Although he had these disadvantages, he was determined to avoid his father unrecognized life. Through the story, Okonkwo pride and fear of showing signs of weakness clashes with events that can be immoral or evil. Although his actions might be portrayed as devilish, the reader can fell sympathetic for his downfall. Okonkwo throughout the book always wanted to be portrayed as a strong, fearless, and masculine man. Early in the book, he has a confrontation with one of his three wife’s Ojiujo. Okonkwo was furious she did not cook that afternoon dinner. He was even more frustrated when he figured out his wife was plaiting her Hair while he was anxious in hunger. Meanwhile, Okonkwo waited in his obi for her returned. When she got back home, she was beaten viciously. So caught up in the moment, Okonkwo had forgotten he beaten his wife on peace week. As a result, Ezeani the priest appeared claiming his actions were evil and disrespectful to the gods.”You will bring to the shrine of Ani tomorrow one she-goat, one hen, a length of cloth and a hundred cowries”(Achebe 26). With this consequence, Okonkwo dint change his perspective on beating his wives. Okonkwo’s fear of being portrayed weak was demonstrated at the end of chapter seven.
A daughter of Umofia was murederd in the makeket of Mbaino.Umofia responded in tumult when ithear the news.But the powerful Okonkwo was born for these situations. He was a worrior ready to fight with a chip on his sholder. Everyone around nearby towns knew him and were clearly afraid of him. Umofia simmited an ultimatum that world declare war or sacrifice a lad of fifteen or a young vigin. Mbaino refused to enter war and handed the young man Ikemefuna. He was well recived in the Okonkwo household but he was filled with greif and sorrow being away from his mother. Ikwmfuna tried running away several times but the attempts fell. Over time Uikmefuna became one of the most popular in the Okonkwo household. He worked on his demanded labor and slowly teaching his fellow friend Noyme how things are done. Okonkwo was pleased and even seen a glimps in himself in Ikemefunda.It was when the oracle announced his to sacrificed Ikemifuna when Oknonwo faced fear of being portrayed weak and frail.Ikemfunda was sliced, then ran to Okwkwo for support and took a blow from his father.Okonkwo did not taste any food for two days after the death of Ikemefuna.(Achebe 55) “He did not sleep at night. He tried not to think about Ikemfuna, but the more he tried the more he thought about him. (Achebe 55) This shows that okonkwo is will to do anying it takes to viewed as a king even if it takes taking a loved one’s life. In chapter five Okonkwo has another altercation with one of his wife, this time the second . He was enraged his wife had killed his banana tree. Although the tree was not dead, he gave her a sound beating for cutting a small amount of leaves. To cool of his steam, Okonkwo decided to go hunting despite the fact he wasn’t a good hunter. When he heard about the gun never being shot from his wife’s muttering voice, he turned his attention towards her. He loaded his gun and pulled the trigger. His wife laid on the ground unhurt but with an alarmed glare.”He heaved a heavy sigh and went away with the gun”. Again Okonkwo did not learn prior to peace week. He abuses his wife for the second time and feels no remorse. Okonkwo’s strive for perfection conveys him to almost a villain like figure. Okonkwo’s last encounter with drama follows just after chapter twenty three. The clan admitted