Things Fall Apart Failure

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Failure is inevitable, everything leads to failure due to unruly human errors. Yeats illustrates the end of an era in The Second Coming”, which helped influence another piece of literature: Things Fall Apart. Although Things Fall Apart and “The Second Coming” both analyze distinct time periods, both pieces of literature use negative tone, diction, and symbols to reveal the theme everything leads to failure. In Things Fall Apart Achebe focuses upon the end of an era by integrating a negative tone towards the subject. Achebe uses his attitude towards the life of the tribe, before and after, the invasion of Christian missionaries and whites to show the tension between the tribe, and the whites. When Okonkwo kills another tribe member accidently, the author uses his dark and cryptic tone to address this topic by saying, “Darkness was around the corner, and the burial was near. And then from the center of the delirious fury came a …show more content…
Through this reader see the destruction caused by the Christian missionaries. The locust is an example of a symbol. The locusts come abruptly and quickly like; the Europeans do (56). The locusts are a joyous thing for the tribe; however, the Europeans are not. They come in quickly forcing their culture and beliefs onto the tribe. Slowly the tribe loses their freedom, because they never try to stop them, readers see the clan’s downfall. This symbol reinforces that everything comes to an end, even this era. In “The Second Coming” Yeats examines a symbol that enforces the same thought about the ending of everything. Yeats talks about a gyre, the gyre symbolizes the circle of ruination in war. As this goes on, the gyre grows wider and wider (TSC). The gyre is supposed to symbolize the destruction at the time, it also helps the reader understand the destruction that leads to the ending of this era. These two authors examine this destruction and failure, by the use significant