Things Fall Apart Johannie Gaston Essay

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Johannie Gaston
Ms. Aldige and Ms. Listes
Period 7

An Unforgotten Soul “Perhaps down in his heart Oknokwo was not a cruel man, but his whole life was dominated by fear, fear of failure and weakness.” In the famous novel by Chiuna Achebe’s Things Fall Apart Oknokwo lets fear dominate his life. A central conflict in the novel is Oknokwo’s fear, which can be revealed in how he treated his family, killing Ikemfuna and also killing himself. For starters, Oknokwo treating his family like a punching bag. For example, the narrator states “Okonkwo ruled his house hold with a heavy hand, his wives and youngest ones lived in perpetual fear.” This is explaining he doesn’t want to be all kind and gentle like his father. Another example, on page 38 the narrator states “without further argurment Oknokwo gave her a sound beating and left her and her only daughter weeping.” This is explaining how he’s tough enough to contain the weakness of remembering how his father was a deater and how he was all kind and gentle. He was worried of becoming the man he was knew and hated. Weakness of fear with his father made hi cold hearted. Oknokwo made his way to being the boss and made a decision towards an accident that happened in Umoumia. With this Oknokwo took a child named Ikemefuna. For example, The narrator states “Oknokwo was inwardly pleased at his son’s developed and knew it was due to Ikemefuna.” This reveled that Okonkwo was very fond of Ikemefuna. Oknokwo grew attacted to him. Oknokwo was getting weak and gentle. Another way is how the narrator states “ he heard Ikemefuna cry, my father they killed me as he ran towards him, dazed with fear Oknokwo drew his machete and chopped him. He was afraid of being weak” As soon as Oknokwo relazied he was growing attached he