Things That Led to Vietnam and Occured During Vietnam Essay

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1. Youtube: We Were Soldiers French Ambush (2:51) 131,968 hits. Write one sentence about it. In November, 1965 French forces were ambushed by North Vietnamese soldiers and completely wiped out.
2. Youtube: The Green Berets journalists (4:54) 5,365 hits. Write one sentence about it.
The Green Berets journalists tried to gather support of the Vietnam War from Americans and the journalists, since Vietnam War was not popular amongst the Americans.
3. Youtube: Buddhist Monk—self-immolation (5:19) 536,447 hits. Just a still because it is blocked by Youtube from complete viewing, so watch Thich Quang Duc—The Burning Monk (3:09) 22,280 hits, which is mentioned in the textbook also. Write one sentence about this situation. Monks are nonviolent individuals who protest by burning themselves. Thich Quang Duc burned himself alive in protest, because Vietnam was suffocating the Buddhist traditions during Vietnam.
4. Youtube: Gulf of Tonkin: McNamarra admits it didn’t happen (3:34) 63,361 hits. Write one sentence about it. Lyndon B. Johnson was president and placed the Tonkin Gulf Resolution into effect, which allowed him to send troops to Vietnam. This was placed into effect because of the confusion created by the assumed attack of the USS Maddox.
5. Document: “Adm. James B. Stockdale”: Write one sentence about it. Vietnam was a war that was established over false pretenses, misinterpretation, and lies.
6. Youtube: Apocalypse Now/Ride of the Valkyries (4:04) 3,528,873 hits. Write one sentence about it. The Americans attacked the North Vietnamese base that was built inside a Vietnamese village, because the Vietnamese were using their own non-military civilians as human shields.
7. Document: “Mostly women and children were killed” –The Peers Report: The My Lai Massacre. Write two sentences about this incident. The document is split up in your document packet such that the first page (772) is not close to the other two pages (773 and 774). The My Lai massacre killed 400 men women and children in the month of March 1968. This is the massacre that caused the Americans perception of Vietnam veterans to be that of cold blooded killers.
8. Youtube: