Think About Your Priorities In Life

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Journal Entry 2

Think about your priorities in life - the things that are most important to you. Does your use of time correspond with the things that you identify as most important? Or do the important things often get put aside for things that seem more urgent or available? How can you be more pro-active in using your time in ways that fit your priorities?

On a normal schedule for me, I usually focus on the things that are most important to me. Being injured for the past 2 weeks has sort of set me aside, however. Physical fitness is on the top of my list as being important to me. I almost never put off my ultimate goals for anything else, even if it means just totally dismissing some other ideas; which could be a bad or good thing for me. There are some things that come into my life that don't last very long, and sometimes I dedicate a couple days or a week to them and sort of slack off with my other goals but I never completely ignore them. School is the biggest thing I have a problem with. I think school should be important to me, and I have free time to do all my stuff, but for some reason I just never feel the need to get it done or put it on the top of my priorities.

Recently I have adopted basketball as one of my favorite hobbies. I would spend 7+ hours a day in the gym or in the weight room preparing for competition. Like I said before, the dislocated shoulder and hyperextended ankle have through me off of my regular schedule, so I've been sort of