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Milan Biswakarma
ENGL 1302-43019
K. Buck
9 February 2015
Think Piece 1: Illegal and Unethical Human Behavior
In the editorial, “Capitol Spectacle Brings Shame on Texas,” the writer presents the inhumane act of the white women and the Republican Molly White, which has not only made Texans feel embarrassed but has also made the whole of Americans feel ashamed. During Texas Muslim Capitol Day, held in Austin, an ignoramus woman gets into the event and abruptly speaks nonsense about Muslims. On other hand, Republican Molly White indirectly blames all the Muslims to be terrorists. The disrespectful act of these women towards the Islam religion depicts the open breakage of laws and disrespect of humanism.
The US law has provided equal rights to all of its citizens and its duty of them to respect each other. Meanwhile, when the world is merging into a global village, this type of insane, inhumane, and cold-hearted behavior of these women is not only illegal but also a matter of shame to human civilization. America has been the center of the modern civilization of the 21st century, comprising people from all over the world. The law has protected every citizen of the nation equally irrespective of their religion. But what these women did was directly against the morale of the event’s purpose. The ugly Facebook blather about the Muslim day by such a responsible person was disrespectful. For example, Republican Molly said, “Renounce Islamic terrorist groups and publicly announce to America and our laws” (Dallas Morning News). This is clearly an example of an irresponsible leader of today’s era. Similarly, the act of another women and her group is intolerable in the name of religion. The Dallas Morning News admits the First Amendment gives the right of the Muslim visitors’ to peacefully assemble, and this is violated by the women and claims them to be a bunch of slack-eyed cousins to back creatures of Deliverance. Thus, this type of action is totally unacceptable in the eye of law and ethics.
The ridiculous stereotypical thinking about religion is nothing more than negative human behavior. Some black molds of society beyond the ethical value and boundary of rules try to pierce holes into our brotherhood, making the human values hollow and light. It is totally worthless to judge faith looking at the actions of certain bad people; it is as to judge the depth of the ocean looking at the surface. Unfortunately, this is happening in the case of the women. As House Speaker Joe