Thinking Through In The Past

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Nauy Nguyen Eng 96/97 1/23/13 Essay 1 Thinking through and learning to accept are very important in our lives. I am learning from what I have done in the past, and all the happened have came to my life to help me draw experience from my mistakes. So I will avoid to making the same mistakes twice in the future. What's done is done, there's no changing the past, so forget about it and move on. People need to learn to think through, accept for all the things they have done in the past. Don't forget about what have we done and what happened in our lives ,people must to continue live with it and make it is a lesson to help us grow stronger. In Touching The Void, Simon and Joe, who have climbed the Peruvian Andes together, when they are climbing up the mountain and try to get down. At that time, they had to make so many important decisions in their lives that help them survive, even though the cost and sacrifice which are painful. For example, Simon had to cut the rope to save himself, when he knew that if he didn't do it both of them would die. That was the hardest decision that Simon had to make when he had no choice. He felt so wrongdoing, but he said “okay, he was dead and I wasn't, but there was no reason for tormenting myself ". What's done is done; Simon realized that he must think through and accept that nothing he could do to make things better. He just does what he needed to do and he kept going without looking back. Joe was in a very terrible situation with his broken leg, and fell down the mountain. He was so upset and disappointed because Simon cut the rope. At that time, Joe was thinking that he will die and there was nothing he can do to save himself, but he wanted to survive, he didn’t want to die in the mountain alone. So he understands that he must to forget about the pain and do everything he can to get down the mountain. “What doesn't kill you make you stronger”, Joe set up his goal to get down the mountain and find Simon. He put all the pain behind, he learned that he must to keep moving if he want to survive. After Simon and Joe had to do what they must to, to save their life, many things have changed inside them. Simon felt guiltier about what he has done to Joe and he knew that life goes on; he had draw experience that will help him in his life. Joe becomes stronger from inside and outside. He had face to face with the death and he get through it. He wrote the book to tell about his story that we can see Joe have become more confident because he can faces to face with his past. A lot of people in the world today get success in their life, because they are know how to think through and accept all the happen in their lives. They are draw experience from their past and learn from it. If they are in a bad relationship, a bad job or an addiction, they are destroying their connection with the negative influence. Learning to accept help people understand about their mistake, and learn from it, but do not let the mistakes that we made rude our life. Think through is so important in our lives , if you have good and positive thinking about everything you do or will do, it will help you easier to get success with it , because when your brain feel good, you will always find a way that make you and all the things you do stay on the right track. No one born is perfect, so we need to learn everyday to complete ourselves. Accepting , thinking through are two important lesson for everyone, people can changes in a good way or in the bad way is depend on what they are understand and learn from accept, think through .Some people will change in the good way, if they are realize and understand that the cost and sacrifice they had pay for their mistake will help them have more experience to grow stronger and get better in the future, but