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Through an interview with Priscilla Ybarra I gathered information on how it was for her to teach the Third grade. As I talked to her I asked her a few questions that were given to me. The first question I asked is where she graduated from. She told me she graduated as an Aggie at the University of Texas A&M in College Station. She explained to me the process she went through as receiving her bachelor’s degree and needing to complete a teacher training program and passing some certification exams to become a teacher. It had me pretty interested as we talked about her success at becoming a teacher. I then proceeded to ask her, how was it to teach the third grade. I asked her if there were any students that misbehaved and how did she handle it. She explained to me your always going to at least have one student most of the time that misbehaves out of the bunch. She explained to me though you can’t treat them any different but it needs to be handled in a proper way. She said you need to make the students know you mean business but know how to have fun as well but with rules. Responding to misbehavior she explained to use visual and verbal cues, to increase proximity towards the students, and to have logical consequences for those who are misbehaving. She explained what she liked most about her job telling me knew she knew she wasn’t watching the same group of kids that she met in August walk out the door. She knew as the days went by throughout the school year she knew they were learning new material in the everyday lives. Making them more knowledgeable and helping the students enjoy the rest of the school year while learning. I then asked her what she disliked about her job she explained to me she didn’t really dislike anything but what was difficult at times was unfortunately, so many children have behavioral and attention difficulties nowadays, or disorders, that it is hard to keep everyone at the same level and progression. You just have to hang in there; every group of