Third Place Essay

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New “Third Place”

Recently, XX College decided to build some “third places” around or in the campus. However, as the saying goes: “ So many people so many minds.” Some people say the “ third place” should be somewhere that people can study or read peacefully, such as a library or study area. Other people, but, prefer to free and relaxing places. Actually, third place, as we knew as third space, is a community building which separates from the two usual social environments of homes and workplaces (it could be schools as well). “Third place” should have following conditions: highly accessible, free or cheap, welcoming and comfortable, both new friends and old should find there.

Coffee shop, nobody feels new for it because there are lots of familiar shops in the U.S, such as Starbucks, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Tully’s and Caribou Coffee. Those coffee shops not only provide a convenient and cheap areas for people to have a rest, but also offer free WIFI to people in need. From the record, Starbucks Fiscal Fourth Quarter 2012 News, they had total net revenues increased 11% to a fourth-quarter record of $3.4 billion. Thus it can be seen how many visitors flow rate in counting in the past 2012. This record also shows that how much people love coffee shop because it makes a connection for person to person to start a new friendship and also it is a really good place to relax.

Secondly, coffee shop should be highly accessible. Some people think that library should be some place open only for students because students need to read a lot of books and have a place to study. So if other people, such as a restaurant worker, white collar and some retire people. They might not want to take a rest on the library. As a community building, coffee shop is suitable for everyone who has a different