This Boy's Life Identity Analysis

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One of the most difficult and important journeys in life is that of self-discovery. Throughout the ages, many philosophers; scholars; and authors have given their insight on the subject. Tobias Wolff’s This Boy’s Life reveals the truth of identity when it depicts accurate representations of how kids search for identity in life and how self-consciousness is masked. Throughout the book, Toby seeks his identity in several ways. One of these ways is through imitation of a role model. When he begins to live with Dwight, Toby uptakes scouting just like Dwight had done as a child. After perusing the Boy Scout handbook and magazine, Toby reflects, “I yielded easily to this comradely tone, forgetting while I did so that I was not the boy it supposed I was. Boy’s Life, the official Scout magazine, worked on me the same way. I read it in a trance, accepting without question its narcotic invitation to believe that I was really no different from the boys whose hustle and pluck it celebrated.” (103). Toby identifies Dwight as a role model and mimics him through his participation in Boy Scouts. He begins to accept the honorable role of a …show more content…
I, myself, find the journey of finding personal identity to be troublesome. Entering the new territory of high school, I found myself questioning, “Who am I” and “Who did I want to be.” It was difficult to answer these questions because, deep inside, I wanted to fit in more than I wanted to be my own person. I tried imitating the actions of others so that I would be accepted and discover my identity through their acceptance. It became apparent to me, though, that I could not find my identity by simply following other people’s actions. In order to find myself, I needed to follow my own path and make my own decisions. One cannot look to others to find what is in himself. Throughout the book, Tobias Wolff gradually reveals the same