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Shanette 1
Shanette Montoya
English 12
Mr. Paul
Period 5
Homelessness Homelessness is something that needs to get notice more in societies all around San Diego County. Many homeless people all around are areas and it does not make are society look good. They need shelters to live in and get help to get back on their feet. “1 in 6 are military veterans”(home again), “1 in 3 are young adults ages 18-30 ” (home again), “1 in 3 are urban homeless has a family.”(home again), and “1 in 4 are chronically homeless.”(home again). People need to realize and understand the situation that homeless people need to face each day.
They can get any type of infections and diseases without even knowing they have it. Without any medical treatment they will face death in matter of days. They also need food and somewhere to sleep. At the same time we have to face how we will be able to help these poor homeless people around san diego county. But if we don’t do anything to help them, “the cost of doing nothing $1,500,00 for 15 chronic homeless
(over the next 1.5 years).”(home again), and this is something we need take action soon before it’s too late.
We can’t always judge someone by what you hear and assume. Homeless people are the most that get judge. Assuming they’ve done drugs to cause them to waist all their money to become a homeless person but that is incorrect fact. “They're not who you think they are. They are often just like you and me except illness, financial difficulty
Shanette 2 or tragedy has forced them from their homes and lives.” That’s couple of reason someone can become homeless. A lot can’t find a good paying job to keep paying for the bills for their home, food, and so on. Some also come back from the military and can’t find a job, mostly if they have a type of injury that cause not to be able to work at all and they become homeless. They many places in the san diego county that fill with homeless people around. Even thought they are places located around the areas of san diego. Many are to filled up with a lot of homeless people and aren’t able to care for each individual homeless person. Money are the main issue. That’s many local homeless urge people to make donations to help change and help the homeless get back to their feet. As a person who lives in the san diego county I strongly have the urge to change the ways of having the out the street and in homeless shelters so they can’t have better place to live and get medical treatment. Although they may have many local shelters not all homeless people have a way to find where it is and aren’t to have a way to get there. They have a “Homeless
Person’s Bill of Rights” (Voice of San Diego) but it might not be a great bill to have. It will not be something that will help the homeless people who sleep around the streets of San Diego. “The only San Diego member of the Judiciary Committee, Brian Maienschein, voted against the bill.”(Voice of San Diego). He says “I want to keep the police — especially the SDPD Homeless Outreach Team — involved in helping the city provide services to homeless people. “The HOT team has been extremely helpful, I don’t want something that keeps the police out of it.” (Voice of San Diego). But even
Shanette 3 though he feels that way he those acknowledge that other people experience will be different. The Bill will be somewhat change in how the homeless people live on the streets.
It will cause the city