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This inaugural speech centralizes the idea of the freedom of opinion and principle. It intends to create an optimistic view of saying,"Two Heads are Better than One"-in which case, every man's opinions and principles will serve as stepping stones towards a strong government and a strong country. Jefferson relates this idea to the idea of a process which he envisions; wherein every people's principles are tried, deciding the most effective ones which the majority agree into- the modern day election. Through his speech, the idea of "social intercourse" can be suggested in most aspects and points of his argument- that inorder to create a strong government, openness and unity are significant factors.
Jefferson questions the idea of central government by asking his audience prior to his previous statement, " Can he, then, be trusted with the government of others?". By saying this, he appeals to the people's feelings of hatred towards the previous way of governing a country. A way wherein the country was ruled by kings, people had no freedom of speech, opinion and etc- where, in general, every people had obey the king. During those freedom-less years, it was apparent that the country did not prosper enough because of the weak relationship between the governed and the government and ultimately because people had no freedom of opinion and principle. This qualifies his previous statement that, "A man sometimes cannot be trusted with the government of himself."
He then appeals to the will of reasoning. He said, "If there be any among us who would wish to dissolve the union or change its republican form, let them stand undisturbed...which error of opinion may be tolerated where reasoning is free to combat it." By stating this, Jefferson establishes his objective of creating the freedom of opinion and principle that even one can have the opportunity to change the government by reasoning. The statement can be traced back to Jefferson's Declaration of Independence where it is stated that people have the "right to abolish the government". That means that Jefferson sees the possibility that one can have the potential to obtain the right set of idea, opinion and principle that can better those of the current government. He establishes the tone of openness at a huge…