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1. Prince Alfred College

2. Study Veterinary Science at The University of Queensland

3. I consider studying abroad is due to several reasons. I believe it is the optimal way to improve my English by surrounded by this language on a daily basis. I can have the opportunity to travel and expand my horizon. I can get to know another culture first-hand. Meet people over the world and learn about yourself. It also enhances my employment opportunities.

4. AAS educational consultancy is the specialist in their field. They provide me with expert, authoritative and first-handed information on my choice of overseas education, Australia. They also personalized service to me, advising me on the best ways to achieve my study goal. In addition, it provides other services such as air ticket booking and submission of visa application.

5. Based on my three years of overseas experience, there are both educational and cultural differences between Australia and Hong Kong. In terms of education, Australia has a great flexibility and offers a wide range of study options for students which Hong Kong doesn’t. Personally, I prefer Australia’s teaching method. The way that a teacher explains or elaborates an idea is transparent, straight to the point and effectively absorbed. Meanwhile, teacher’s enthusiasm on teaching is far better than in Hong Kong. No wonder it enormously boosted my desire for learning. In terms of culture, Australia is a multicultural country. Everyone is friendly and compassionate. The problem of Racism, Prejudice and Discrimination are less likely to happen. Also, Aussie has a pretty slow life pace. They know how to enjoy their life and always aiming for a relaxed and comfortable life of living unlike us work almost 24 hours a day. I reckon that’s so called ‘retired life’.

6. What an amusing three years of Study in Australia. It has been a pleasure study in Prince Alfred College and lived in the Boarding community with all fabulous young men and staff members. Memorably, I arrived this unfamiliar place alone with nothing, but a typical Asian face. At first, I was uncertain about whether I am going to fit in this complete new environment. Unexpectedly, a lot of local fellows initiated our conversation. Soon we built up our friendship and I promptly become part of this joyful and exciting school community. Prince Alfred College has the perfect environment, facilities and most importantly, excellent teaching credential. Teachers are not simply just treat me as their student, but raised me as their sons. In particular as I am an international student, they often provide additional academic supports if required and handle sympathetically with my concerns in any other aspects. PAC is the best of the best to be honest. I am not selling adverts, but I promise you will definitely have an unforgettable memory like I