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Causes of the English Civil war
The English Civil War started because of Charles’ relationship with Parliament. How far do you agree with this statement?
On 22 August 1642 King Charles I declared war against his enemies in Parliament. In the Civil War which followed, one man in ten was killed. Many people died of starvation, others had their house, their land or all their possessions destroyed. In this essay I will be looking at how this all come about……….
Like his father, Charles believed that Kings get their power from God so they were kind of like the chosen ones. Charles spent a lot of money on himself and not enough on his country.
One of the reasons that the English civil war started was because of the relationship between Charles and the parliament. First of all Charles married a French Princess (Henrietta Maria of France) who was Catholic, which made the parliament unhappy. Charles I was the son of James I. Charles determination to take full control of the country and make his own decision, led to him being very unpopular with the people especially the MPs. the parliament kept trying to cut king Charles’ power so he decided to rule the country without the parliament for 11 years - They that period the Eleven Years Tyranny.
First of all his marriage to a French Catholic princess called, Henrietta Maria wasn’t a wise decision. This is because it made people especially the Puritans worry and angry as they thought that he was going to bring back Catholicism. It also worried them because they were thinking about the future because they were thinking if Charles and his wife had a baby was it going to be a Catholic or Protestant. William Laud was made Archbishop of Canterbury. He introduced new thing that the