The Trials Of War

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The Trials of war
War in the North: The chances that the rebels would win, were extremely small.
The fact that the British fought in such a traditional way, it helped the American rebels.
Because Washington's plans would force the farmers to leave their families, they would only fight in local militias.
Howes slow campaign contributed to the defeat of the British unlike commonly believed women's rights begin in the Revolutionary War
Valley Forge within an extreme suffering for the Continental Army
The Path To Victory
The French have long been fighting the British and they realize they can deal a low blow English by helping their colonies in America.
The English didn't really want to fight the Americans in an all out war they hoped they could deal blows by politically motivated tactics.
The British also wanted to weaken the war effort by freeing the slaves.
Peace talk took over two years.
Creating Republican Institution, 1776-1787.
Along with war time struggles, they colonies were struggling with women who were urging their husbands to help them get a voice in public elections, constitutions, and inflation.
Loyalists were looked down upon but in general were not harmed.
The land, prestige, and titles the loyals once held, was shuffled to american farmers, merchants and commoners.
The articles of confederation only caused a weaker central government, until the Federal Government stepped in and had the constitutional written.
The newly taken land from loyalists was a huge amount of land. The colonies decided to try to keep everything organized, so in ohio they arranged the land into