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In the poem “This Is Love” written by Karlo Mila, the poet writes in a first person perspective (her own views) on what love is, directed for David. It shows what she has learnt from David, as she compares love to gardens and flowers, as an extended metaphor, for example that love needs to have effort put in, in order for it to grow- such as the garden (stanza 3)

Furthermore it shows that love is not perfect, it would have hard times and good times, which is similar to the seasons that a flower would have to go through.
The text relates to the theme of beliefs where the text portrays the theme of belief in love, through the use of a first person perspective- where we can see through her thoughts as the poem uses "I" and "You" throughout the poem. This is shown in stanza 5- "this is what I have learned.” It shows a standing point- a statement, turning around the poem as she tells us what she has learnt by meeting David. It shows that her beliefs had been influenced through the meeting of David- that she no longer thinks it is about the looks of love, rather it is the effort put in, and that it cannot be a novelty to start off with.

The poet also uses metaphors such as "love is not a bunch of red roses" showing that love cannot be perfect like it is in novelty’s, showing her understanding of love is now different to it was before, as she knows that love cannot be something that is handed to you and it must be built through the use of effort and time. She states in stanza 7 that it is about “the watering/the watching/ the pruning/ the tending/ the providing of new buckets/ the finding of new doorsteps/” which is listing the things that one should do in order to keep a love growing by using the “ing” sounds (ie adverbs)
The poet further uses repetition- “endurance through every/every day/ season” with the effect helping us understand that love goes through seasons (ups and downs) similar to what a