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|Functional area |Activity / role |Links with other functions |
| |Make sure Sale targets are met |Finance needs customer details to send invoices to the correct |
|sales |Selling the product/survive |people and check the credit rating of customers |
| |Finding new customers |Finance needs to keep track of the amount of money collected |
| |Organise sales promotions |from sales. |
| |Organise discounts | |
| |Keeping customers happy | |
| |Providing technical advice | |
|Marketing |Carry out market research |Linked with hr as they need to have the right people for the |
| |Analyse market research |job. |
| |Promote products | |
| |Design, update and promote company website | |
| |Producing and distributing publicity materials | |
|production |Producing and assembling the finished product |Finance need to keep track of the cost of purchasing to ensure |
| |Planning production |the business is making a profit |
| |Checking the quality of the product |Finance need purchase price information and supplier details to|
| |Checking that production is on schedule |ensure the invoices received from suppliers are correct. |
| |Improve the production |