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ShowBiz Summer and Teen Conservatory

Quick guide to what is still available- scroll down for more info:
Pre-K classes- all Sold Out!
Classes/Sessions available for Group A- entering Kinder:
Two Week Musical Theater Session I June 7-18 or Session II July 5-16
One Week Musical Theater Session II June 28- July 2
Acting Just Acting Session II August 2-6 or Session III August 9-13
Group B classes/sessions - All Sold Out!
Classes/Sessions available for Group C - entering grades 3 & 4:
Drama Days June 1-4
Two Week Musical Theater Session I June 7-18
One Week Musical Theater Session III July 19-23
Puppetry Workshop June 28-July 2
Entering Grades 5 and 6
All classes have limited availability except Makin' Movies - either session
Teen Conservatory Grades 7 and up
All classes have limited availability

All classes are taught by DCT Theater Professionals! * Classes held at Rosewood Center for Family Arts. * FREE PARKING! * All Grade Levels indicated are for Fall 2010. * Tuition Deposit required for registration. * Deposit is non-refundable & non-transferable. * Tuition balance due on the first day of class. No tuition refunds. * DCT reserves the right to cancel any class; refunds made for cancellation. * Please accompany student to first day of class. * Registration begins one-half hour before class time. * After the first day, students allowed in the building only 10 minutes before class time. * STUDENTS MUST BE PICKED UP ON TIME. Late fees charged. * The FINAL SHOW is very important - Don’t miss it!

Questions? Contact Nancy Schaeffer or Terry Feagin at (214) 978-0110 or e-mail or

• DOWNLOAD FORM and complete
• Be sure to list the class and group that you want and the dates.
• A non-refundable deposit is required for each class for which you register.
• Include a credit card number or check for the deposit/s.
• Mail as soon as possible, classes fill quickly!
• The registration form may be copied.

• Complete the registration form and fax it to DCT at (214) 978-0118.
• Be sure to include a credit card number for Deposits.
• Call (214) 978-0110 ext. 140 to confirm that we received your fax.

• Call (214) 978-0110 to enroll over the phone with a credit card.
• Be prepared to hold for assistance, especially during peak registration times.

• Click on ENROLL button next to the class you want.
Enrollments are processed first come, first served in order of Deposits and Forms received.
You will receive immediate notification if a class you want is full and you have been placed on a waiting list. Otherwise, DCT will notify you after your registration has been processed confirming your class placement.
Musical Theater - Teen Conservatory
$400 - $50 Deposit, $350 Tuition
Entering Grades
7th and up
M-F 9:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m.
Session I: JUNE 7 - JUNE 18
Session II: AUG. 2 - AUG. 13
Showcase on Final Friday
• Are you ready to do some serious Musical Theater work?
• Then this is the ultra-intensive Class for you!
• Professional Theater Artists help you approach a Scene & Song successfully.
• Showcase your Musical Theater Scenes and Songs at our Friday Showcase!
• Bring a sack lunch and drink each day.

*Combine Improv Two Week and Musical Theater for $600 - save $50! | | | | | Musical Theater Two Week | grades 7 & up (Fall 2010) | 9:30am-2:30pm Mon-Fri | 400.00 | |

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