This Season's NBA Playoff Predictions Essay

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NBA Playoff predictions
~ Will a kingdom fall, or will an empire rise Throughout the years of the NBA we’ve seen the impossible happen, we’ve watched the
Spurs dethrone the Heat,and the Lakers three­peat twice. Now the stage is set for what could be an epic NBA playoffs. The Eastern Conference has been a wild ride this season. Teams have rode hot streaks and some have tanked. The Knicks and the 76ers seemed to be in a race for the top pick at the trade deadline unloading players in exchange for a plethora of first round picks. Atlanta stands alone at the top of the conference with teams like Toronto, Chicago, and Cleveland knocking on the door. In my opinion I do not think that Atlanta will let their seat at the top of the
Conference go, but Toronto is steadily gaining upon them. Atlanta will win the Eastern
Conference with Toronto, Cleveland, Washington,Milwaukee, Detroit, Chicago, and Brooklyn following in that order. The Western Conference is a tight­knit group of teams performing at an extremely high level.
With six teams all above 35 wins and two above 40, Golden State’s “splash bros” sit at the throne of The Western Conference. Memphis Grizzlies roar in at second place behind the play of Zach “Z­Bo” Randolph, and Marc Gasol. The Rockets also come to mind but with the loss of Dwight Howard the teams chances, in my mind, see to deflate a little because without him their post presence diminishes. Golden State will win the west the Grizzlies will