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Robert Baker
MKT 231.001
August 27, 2013

This article is how Brown-Forman decided to reduce the percentage of alcohol in its Jack Daniels Tennessee whiskey. This imperceptible change was done over a period of two years in which time, the only people to truly notice the difference was those with an exceptionally sensitive palate. Brown-Forman realized that they were not just selling an alcoholic beverage but they were selling the image, the reputation, the heritage; the brand. They understood that it would be catastrophic to change the imagery associated with Jack Daniels Tennessee whiskey. Imagery is everything in this day and age. When a customer walks into a liquor store and is looking to buy a whiskey, they notice the rectangle bottle with the black and white label, reading “Jack Daniels old time”. They automatically link that imagery to a sense of tradition and an American classic. It also goes to say that many whiskey connoisseurs have nostalgia when it comes to their favorite whiskey. They grew up with their fathers and grandfathers and great grandfathers drinking this classic. It reminds them of the good ole days. As for me personally, I feel that it is important for companies to recognize that in an effort to increase sales or increase market penetration, changes to the packaging could be detrimental to their product and to their company. Jack Daniels has been around since the mid 1800’s; whiskey connoisseurs have since become accustomed to seeing this