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Ummm the website made me add a paper to sign up so.... Yay? IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII- original United States was the Thirteen Colonies. This area by the north around Canada. It was on the south by the Spanish Colonies of East and West Florida, and on the west by the Mississippi River. As more people came to the U.S. we needed more space. One of our problems was the unoccupied territory between the Thirteen Original Colonies and the Mississippi River. Seven of the Colonies claimed large parts of this territory and some of the claims started conflicting. Congress on October 30, 1779, passed a law and recom/ that Virginia and the othe/ Recently I read an article called "Dog Adopted by Staten Island Family is Now the Subject of Custody Battle". A dog named Jack ran away from his owners. He is a black lab mix and has great owners in Staten Island. Mrs. Bevill ( Jacks owner ) recently found out he was adopted. Then she put "heart felt" coments on face book. She asked family and friends to post it on the rescue groups face book page. This soon went viral, and the messages started to have a life of there own. Soon, some people started calling the volenteers at the shelter and kept calling. Emily Gear ( Louie's Legacy director) tried to explain the situation to the adoptive family. They sent Jack to get a full body scan. The microchip that Ms. Bevill put in Jack showed up. Louie's Legacy's attorny stated that they are trying to get the dog home A.S.A.P, but that depends on how well Ms. Bevill is able to fix the damage done. I choose to read this article because it has to do with an animal, here in Staten Island. I am really into animals. My whole family is. Reading this article made me more aware of what could happen to a dog if they run away. You don't want your best friend to run away and belong to another family. You love the dog and it loves you. It wouldn't be fair to the owner or the dog. This subject is very important to my neighborhood. I know this because many people in Staten Island walk their dog without a leash. Owners say my dog knows not to run away. Then the owners let the dog walk without a leash,the dog sees a squirrel, the dog runs away, and then the owner is heart broken. Another one of the issues we have in my neighborhood is leaving fences open. People leave their fences wide open when their dog is behind it. Then the dog runs out , gets lost or gets hit by a car. Honestly, I feel bad for Mrs. Bevill. This was her dog in the first place. I'm sure her kids feel bad too. I think that Jack should be returned home right away. I understand what Mrs. Bevill did was wrong, but I believe that it was her dog. She bought Jack. Jack is a part of her family. They love Jack, and Jack loves them.She payed for his cancer surgery. She saved him from having the cancer spread. If thats not caring for your dog, I don't know what is. I also asked a few people in my neighborhood what they thought about the situation. oin_type=free&redirectUrl=%2Fessays%2FManifest-Destiny-83569.htmlr s// that want the l/ t/ they don't