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Samantha Stearns
English 10-1
March 5th 2013
Mrs. Butler
The Unexpected Finding I believe in the inevitable. The unexpected joys and problems in day to day life. I strive to find peace with everything that happens to me. Even if something doesn't go to plan as I thought it would I try to think that everything happens for a reason. As George Bernard Shaw once said, “If history repeats itself, and the unexpected always happened, how incapable must Man be of learning from experience?” I found this statement to be very true to our sense of values today, which led me to the realization that this same problem occurs to me. I find myself looking for the next chapter of my life, when really I should be thinking about what is happening right now. However, on the other hand, how do I know when that next page turns? This past week I was talking with my art teacher and bugging him for a harder assignment. I was thinking that he was just going to tell me to go recreate the Sistine Chapel. Nevertheless, he said “Tell me what you want to do,” which surprised me. This question threw me off completely. For once in my life I really didn't know what I was about. I didn't even know what kind of art I like. I just kept questioning myself wondering about what I wanted to do. If you talked to my friends, they would always tell you “she knows what she wants.” Doing the same thing over and over again leads to being boring. Unexpected things come in learning from what others experience. Most say life is tough enough. It's to hard to put forth my best effort, when really all I want to do is pull the covers over my head and never see light again. But then I find the