Fast Food: To A Better Way Of Eating

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To A Better Way of Eating
We are all subject to the pressures of advertising and the fast pace of big city life, but it does not take any special intelligence to realize that something is terrible wrong with the way America eats. People are usually too busy to cook a healthy meal at home in this fast world. They would rather stop at a fast food restaurant because it is simple and convenient. What we, the people, do not realize is that fast food restaurants, such as McDonalds, is nothing but processed foods that are high in fat, sugar, animal products, and sodium. This is linked with many medical conditions like cancer, heart disease, acid reflux disease, and obesity. According to Jeff’s essay “Fast Food Nation”, from, he stated that “fast food is killing our bodies and our families”, meaning that unhealthy eating is slowly killing us. I believe that all fast food restaurants, such as McDonalds, are cheap, convenient, and super simple, but they are leading America into an unhealthy nation.
When I realized that my family and I were heading down the path of unhealthy eating and lifestyle, we were in McDonalds of all places. We were standing in line roasting with everyone else waiting to give our order. I was looking around the place and noticed that everything I seen was unhygienic. The tables, floors, soda fountain counter, and even the employees were unkempt. It was nasty; the smell of old and burned grease, sweaty patrons and employees, the odor from the restrooms. The smell of the food was even grossing me out. Our shoes even stuck to the floor as we walked. We finally gave our order to the unruly employee behind the grimy counter. In just a couple of seconds, our order was up. It was that fast. We went to sit down near the play area so our children can play and I noticed some kind of gunk stuff on the toy, no telling what it was. My children didn’t go near there. It was horrendous.
We still ate knowing eating the food will be like a box of chocolate, you never know what you will get. The food was so cold I seen polar bears wearing jackets. The chicken nuggets should just as well be ice and the fries snow. The conception finally dawned on me that this way of eating is so wrong when I saw my husband eating his hamburger. This slimy burger was so greasy that the putrid liquid spilled out from between the buns and spiraled down his chin. My husband has already been diagnosed with high blood pressure, and I with GERD, acid reflux disease, prior to eating there at McDonalds on this day. I decided then and there that is was past time to start eating healthier. As we stood up to leave, I stood still and took all the smells in: the