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Beau Stegall
Noel Miles
Honors English III

Hesitation closes doors. Most people like to think before they make a decision. They believe in weighing the consequences with the benefits to decide if they should act. I disagree with this philosophy, when you sit back and think about what might happen it prevents you from reaping the benefits of the chance you are given. I believe that when you hesitate you lose opportunity. I don’t believe in being completely spontaneous and just agreeing to random things, you definitely should think about what might happen but you shouldn’t waste so much time on the “what if” that you miss out on your chance to do or try something that will benefit you immensely. I can think of hundreds of times where I hesitated to say yes to something and ended up missing out on a great thing. Before I moved to North Carolina I had an amazing offer to attend an amazing private school where a lot of my family graduated from. But I spent too long thinking about how well I would fit in and if people would like me or not that I missed out on a full scholarship that was not easily earned and not available to most students. My family pulled a lot of strings to get me accepted to this fantastic school and I turned it down. I was nervous that I wouldn’t fit in and would not have a successful experience at the boarding school. I missed out on my own car when I was old enough to drive and playing lacrosse for an extremely prestigious program. When I turned down the boarding school I went back to your standard run of the mill public school education and effectively blew it. I disappointed my family and made…