Education Is The Key To Your Success

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This, I believe I believe that Education is the key to your success. The amount of Education you have directly affects your economic prosperity. We have all determined our future by simply coming to this AP class today. Education ultimately builds our confidence on decision making, our life choices, and how to accept successes and failures. Most of us know where we want to go, and what we want to be. We are determined, young individuals who will ultimately succeed. Some of us will get full scholarships to colleges; some of us will get accepted to UCLA, YALE, even Harvard. College is a choice, it is the beginning of a life long journey that will shape and determine future choices. Education is a process, and higher education is the ultimate prize. We in High School are laying the foundation of achieving that higher goal. Once higher education is achieved, no one can take that away from you. You have that with you forever. Economist Sandy Baum says "There's been a lot of testing done, lots of sophisticated statistical analyses," she says, "and they all show that going to college changes you in ways that change the way you behave, the choices that you make. And you become, as a result of that college education, a more productive and better-paid member of the labor force." Not only that, but College-educated people not only tend to earn more than people without degrees, they are also less likely to be unemployed. Having a degree is not just about economic advantages.