This I Believe Essay example

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Cameron Singleton
4th period
This i believe
In today’s world, music can easily be found anywhere. There are many distinct types of music ranging from upbeat pop to soothing jazz. Regardless of what type of music you prefer, I believe that everyone should listen to music because its healthy for your body, it helps you through your problems, and it is major part of culture.
Music is proven to be good for your body. Along with helping with encouraging you to stay active, music also helps with anxiety. When you listen to music you enjoy your body releases chemicals that helps lower stress, and also slows down your heart rate. This means that music can unlock feature healthy to your body, that you could not otherwise access. Music also helps you focus. A recent survey revealed that a majority of students between 8th and 12th grade choose to listen to music while studying. This is because music is also proven to assist certain people retain information.
In addition to helping your brain maintain knowledge, music can also help during tough times. Everyone has experienced at least one time where they did not know the exact words to say. Well music makes these processes so much easier. There are songs of encouragement for when someone needs to be built up or sad songs when they want to cry. Popular artist Bob
Marley said “The good thing about music is, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” No matter how bad your…