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I believe in cupcakes

I believe in cupcakes.
I believe that cupcake is one of the best desserts in the world. Cupcakes are baked in small-sized cups and decorated with your favourite frosting flavour; they always make a brighter day. Best things come in small package.
I believe that cupcakes are easy to make but hard to perfect. The recipe is the same for most cupcakes. The ingredients are flour, butter, sugar, eggs, and especially baking soda, which makes cupcakes light and fluffy. Sifting flour and folding ingredients together are two important steps. If you do not sift your flour or harshly mix the ingredients, your cupcakes won’t be able to rise evenly. Cupcakes take time and delicacy to accomplish.
I believe that most people cannot make a perfect cupcake in their first attempt. I remember the first time I baked my chocolate cupcakes; the flavor was there but the cake did not rise evenly. In my second attempt, the cupcakes were way too sweet, and several times later, my cupcakes are either dry or bitter. However, I did not give up on making these amazing cupcakes. I spent my free time thinking and searching for the reasons why my cupcakes failed, and try to fix all the problems . Finally, I made my best cupcake in the seventh attempt, which was light, soft, and the flavour was amazing. It makes me feel very happy. Making cupcakes takes time, but everything is worth to try. Just like Thomas Edison, he tried two thousands different material for his light bulb’s filament, and he said “Oh, we have come a long way and we have learned a lot. We know that there are two thousand elements which we cannot use to make a good light bulb”. I also have learned a lot from my mistakes and failures, so I am able to know how much of each ingredients I should add to make fabulous cupcakes.
Some people love cupcakes because of their looks. I believe that decoration on cupcakes is an art. It attracts our eyes, makes our mouthwatering and stomach growling. Cupcakes can be decorated in many easy ways at home with fruits, grated chocolate, sprinkle and spun sugar. Moreover, you can tell stories through cupcakes’ decoration. For example, tiny baby shoes, milk bottle made of fondant in baby shower, or couples can ask for the wedding cupcake tower decorated base on their love stories.
I believe that each kind of cupcakes has different texture and taste. It is the harmonious combination between the small