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I believe that everyone should be a dog person over a cat person. Now I’m being completely unbiased when I say this because I have both a dog and a cat, but there is a big different between the two. The best way I can describe why I feel this way is by simply going over my night with the two. My dog, Remy, goes to sleep whenever I do. He has his designated spot on the bed and he sleeps soundly throughout the night. Every once in a while we will be accompanied by Nevins, a huge ball of black fur whose mission in life is none other to keep me up until twenty minutes before my alarm goes off. I used to think I didn’t move that much in my sleep until we adopted Nevins. Every little move you make with your feet, hands, and even hair he will make sure to acknowledge by attacking and biting you. Now I know it seems easy to just pick him up in shut the door but believe me it’s not. He will stick all his claws into my sheets, let out a shriek of terror, and attack me even more. Now if I’m lucky enough to make it through the night, I have to make it through the morning. Remy peacefully wakes up with me and lounges on my bed as I get ready for the day, I never have any worries when Remy is around. Nevins on the other hand trips me up the stairs, swats at my feet as I walk, meows at the high heavens to get his cat food, and knocks off my powdered makeup as soon as I walk away. Pretty much the only escape I have from this cat is at school and work. I have to say the worst part about…