This I Believe Essay

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Period 2
19 August 2013
Mrs. Henry
English 101
This I Believe As a child my parents would ruthlessly implement the fundamental idea of attending church and being a follower of Christ. As each day passed by, it never crossed my mind as to why this was so heavily pressed upon me. Being an adolescent, I would rather play outside with my friends and ignore the confusion of religion. This perplexity lingered in my consciousness for years and it was not until my teenage days when my conception on the importance of Christianity became clear. My first year of high school was a rollercoaster of excitement and new experiences. During that year I was introduced to the study of biology and the creation of earth. For some reason, some of the teachings did not match up to what I absorbed growing up. My parents irritating persistence on educating me through religion crept up on me. I knew that what was being presented in class was false and I proudly ignored its realism. It was the first time in my life when I finally connected the dots. This is why my parents placed so much importance on the way they raised me. They mentally prepared me for when life tries to derail my train of beliefs. The parental teachings of my youth are what later preserved me to be myself and stay loyal to my biblical understandings of life. While engaging in my everyday life, I still hold the values that were discovered from my juvenile days. My actions are typically based off