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The Secret Of My Reflection

Throughout my childhood I was very insecure about my appearance.Only recently have I been able to look at myself in a positive way. In the middle of my sophomore year my family went on the paleo diet. Also known as the “caveman” diet. You aren't supposed to eat any processed foods or meat , including sugar and flour. This was a real struggle for me. When I was young eating was my favorite activity. I wasn’t the skinniest child, I snacked whenever I had an urge to eat, which was mostly all the time. It was very unhealthy , as I grew older I learned more about the way foods are processed and ways to eat healthier. It wasn't until I started this diet that I realized how much eating healthy impacted my body. During this diet I would question myself. To eat the cookie or not? To taste the sweetness of processed sugar for the first time in 5 months? In the back of my head was a voice telling me that if I cheated and ate something I shouldn’t no one would know except me. It was these thoughts that made this diet such a challenge. Food was always the way to go for me. When I was upset I ate, when I was angry I ate, even when I was happy I ate. My dad definitely helped me see the importance of not over eating. He believed that if I worked towards a goal I could reach it. It wasn’t all about losing weight. The diets my family do are meant to bring us together. To make us stronger. I might have focused more on my weight then the real purpose of the diet