Love Hate Relationship With Words

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I have always had a love hate relationship with words. From the time when I was younger, and harsh words were used upon me to punish me for thing I did wrong, to the time they had had made me laugh so hard I felt like crying. Words have always been a part of what triggered my emotions. Because we use them so often, we never really notice what big impact words have on us, which is why I believe that every word should be handled with care, since each word can be more hurtful or fulfilling, then any other action could.

The day I really found out how much words could hurt was an evening during a sleepover where my best friend and her brother had a even greater fight than they usually did. Everybody was extremely tense and after all that had been said, I was so scared that I didn’t know how to comfort my friend. Given the circumstances, her mother sent my back home. While I was getting into the car, I could hear the door squeak open. The last thing I heard was, “What kind of friend are you? I hate you!” As we drove away from her house, I could hear those words echo in my ear. It had only been those three words, I hate you, and it completely crushed me. It was a shock, and I felt so heartbroken and I finally understood what power words had, and how deep they could cut. I never treated words the same.

Looking back now, I can remember so many more instances where words had such big significance in my life. I have learned to be cautious of what I say because of what happened