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Max Brune
Mr. Flynn
CC Comp
28 October 2014
I Believe in Summertime Summer is a time when I am playing soccer, swimming and having no worries.
Being able to be a stupid teenager and do stupid things with stupid teenagers. A time when the sun is out and I am ecstatic. Summer is by far my favorite time of the year. I spend a lot of my time traveling and going to music festivals. I believe that summer just isn’t a time where there is no school, but a time to bring your family together. In the beginning of summer break my family took a trip to Table Rock Lake. On the last day of school, our whole family carpooled to southwest Missouri. Everyone was in pure joy, kicking off the summer in the best environment possible, with family.
We spend all day swimming, tubing and just relaxing. I love the smell of hamburgers and hot dogs sizzling on the grill and the sound of boats zooming by. The ripples in the waves caused by the boats, creates a natural ramp for our tubes. This is probably one of my favorite days of the year. Everyone in my family is happy, having fun and just enjoying life. My favorite thing about this day is seeing my family at peace.
Beside the point, I think the time of the summer that brings our family together the most is in late July, when we go to our lake house with just our immediate family and then spend a week Brune 2

just kickin’ back and enjoying family time. This time brings us together because we do not get to watch movies, or be on any electronics except for our phones. This makes us have to socially interact with each other, then just swim and just enjoy our time together. My mom also enforces a rule that if we fight for any reason then we do not get to