Thomas Gallaudet: American School For The Deaf

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Antebellum Biography Research Paper

“Thomas Gallaudet was an education pioneer and established the American School for the Deaf in 1817.” This quote means that Thomas Gallaudet was a educator who established the first school for the deaf in 1817. This quote shows how Thomas Gallaudet was a man who wished to improve the lives of the disabled and people overall.So and so Thomas Gallaudet was an important figure in American History because he helped people with deafness be able to live to live normal lives.

Thomas Gallaudet was born on December 10, 1787 in Philadelphia, Penn and he was raised by Peter Wallace Gallaudet and Jane Hopkins. Gallaudet attended Yale University earning his bachelor's degree in 1805, and graduating at the age of seventeen, with highest honors. The reason for Gallaudet starting a school for the deaf was because he met Alice Cogswell, a nine year old girl who was deaf and this encounter drove him to make an American School for the Deaf in Hartford, Connecticut.
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Gallaudet developed an interest in deaf-mute instruction which was the starting point for his career. Gallaudet became famous in 1817 when he established the first American school for the deaf. Thomas Gallaudet didn’t learn much from this event but he did continue teaching the deaf as the principle until 1830. Thomas Gallaudet had to overcome leaving his church and leave his very desired job as minister in his church because he was experiencing serious health