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Makeiah Adams
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28 February 2015
HIST 2001

Thomas Jefferson: The Man Who Started It All

Thomas Jefferson was a powerful political figure and leader in our country. He made numerous contributions to the United States ranging from inventions to legal documents. He also made a few wise decisions that forever affected our country and the world we live in today. Thomas Jefferson made a decision to purchase Louisiana Territory from France which then led another great decision to enlist two men, Lewis and Clark, to explore this unknown territory. Jefferson also wrote the rough draft of the Declaration of Independence. Thomas Jefferson was ultimately a wise man with big dreams for the Americans that led to growth and expansion of our country. The Louisiana Purchase was one of the smartest decisions that Thomas Jefferson ever made. In 1803, he purchased 800,000 square miles of Louisiana Territory from France. Doubling the size of the United States, the Louisiana Purchase allotted settlers the land to begin immediate expansion westward. The Mississippi River passageway was also included in this purchase which allowed for settlers to use the river to transport goods and allowed for an additional form of transportation. The vast amount of resources that were found on the land expanded agriculture and mining. Decision making on the Louisiana Purchase not only showed Jefferson’s political thinking, but also his overall idea that even though the Constitution didn’t state that he was allowed to purchase additional land, it would be the best decision for his people. Purchasing the Louisiana Territory led to Americans wanting to know the extent of what they had acquired with this unknown territory. Jefferson then enlisted two men, Lewis and Clark, to track the vast wilderness of the Louisiana Purchase and discover more about the land. Their goals were to discover more about the Indian tribes and the overall landscape. Jefferson also wanted them to find the pathway from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean. The mysteries of the vast land quickly disappeared once the expedition began and continued on. Lewis and Clark made many detailed maps that located large landforms and different observations that were recorded in latitude and longitude. Their positive impressions and work with the Native Americans would open the door of diplomatic relations that the Americans wanted to be unlocked. Lewis and Clark didn’t leave out plants and animals. They noted in detail the different animal and plant species that were new to science. This expedition gave Americans more insight on their decision and ultimately showcased what a powerful move was made that forever guided the rest of American expansion.
Thomas Jefferson wrote the rough draft of the Declaration of Independence which was edited and revised by the committee to what it states today.