Essay on Thomas Jefferson and United States

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The Jeffersonian Era
Chapter #7
Study Guide

Main Themes:

How Americans expressed their cultural independence.
The impact of industrialism on the United States and its people.
The role that Thomas Jefferson played in shaping the American character.
How the American people and their political system responded to the nation’s physical expansion.
How American ambitions and attitudes came into conflict with British policies and let to the War of 1812.
How Americans were able to “win” the war, and the peace that followed.

Identify the significance of the following terms and people

“republican mother”
Benjamin Rush
American Spelling Book
James Watt
Oliver Evans
Robert Fulton
Pierre L’Enfant
Albert Gallatin
Charles C. Pinckney
Barbary States
John Marshall
Samuel Chase
Toussaint L’Ouverture
Gen. James Wilkinson
Continental System

“peaceable coercion”
Non-Intercourse Act
William Henry Harrison
Battle of Tippecanoe
Henry Clay
Battle of Horseshoe Bend
Francis Scott Key
Battle of New Orleans
John Quincy Adams

Short Answer:
1. What effect did Republican ideology have on education in the United States?

2. What was the “message” and the impact of the Second Great Awakening? What impact did it have on women? On African Americans? On Native Americans?

3. What was the industrial revolution? Where and why did it begin?

4. Explain the role that Eli Whitney played in America’s industrial revolution. What impact did his inventions have on the South? On the North?

5. What were the roots of Jefferson’s conflict with the federal court system, and how did the case of Marbury v. Madison fit into the controversy? What is the significance of
Marbury v. Madison?

6. What were the characteristics of the “spirit of democratic