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General Motors
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Colorado Technical University
Betty Thompson
Professor Gregory Smith
June 23, 2014
General Motors
Section 1
General Motors is the leaders of automotive advance technology and serve its products throughout the globe. General Motors serves the automobile industry for more than 100 years. It plays a pivotal role in automobile industry. This company designed to build and sell cars trucks and automobile parts nationally and internationally. General Motors offers automotive financing services by its general motors financial company Inc. automotive operations of general motors meet the customer’s demands in to four segments known as
“North America
International Operations
South America” (Costantini, 2013).

GM has strong relations with international automotive market. Key stakeholders of GM are Daewoo auto and Technology Co, they have many technological ventures with other auto makers. GM has a joint venture with Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation of China also. GM’s largest market is in United States and then China, Canada, UK and Germany. Now it has become the world’s largest successful firm in the industry of trucks cars and parts of automobiles (Costantini, 2013).

Mission Statement:
The mission statement of GM is to make produce and sell reliable automobiles globally”. General Motors with partners are producing vehicles in more than 30 countries. They serve the world with fast growing automotive markets. Major products of general motors are Chevrolet, Cadillac, Baojun, Buick, GMC, Holden, Jiefang, Opel, Vauxhall and Wuling brands.
Technology Achievements of General Motors: General Motors is introducing some latest technology achievements in 2014 at China Advanced Technical Center. The theme of this venture is “Exploring – The Future of the Automobile” (Browning, 2014).
Battery Advancement: General Motors has three battery testing facilities world widely. There are many studies that help the company to get fully understanding about Lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are very supportive for next generation batteries in cheaper rates and improve the cars and truck performance with durable services.
Lightweight Materials Lab: This firm is the major exposure of lightweight magnesium alloy technology. Many parts of automobiles made by magnesium which reduces the vehicle weight and provide better fuel economy. GM received International Magnesium Association Award of excellence for the development in the field of Magnesium alloy lab. This technology was developed in China Science lab by the alliance of GM North America Research Group. This new technology of alloy can easily and conveniently bear 175 degrees of Celsius as compared to other magnesium alloys which only tolerates 120 Celsius. New magnesium alloy are using in engine parts especially due to its low weight and high degree of Celsius.
Vehicle Integration Lab: GM has 5 axis computer numerical control machines, which is useful to produce highly complex parts of automobiles accurately. It has a blue light scanner, scans the three dimensional mathematical models. Vehicle integration lab facilitates the potential designs and faster decisions for faster products in auto market.
Chassis Lab: The structures and chasses lab carries the vehicles subsystems by simulate real world driving conditions. The role of this lab is very important in testing chassis components, gear shifts, tires and wheels. this lab consist of 100,000 door opening/closing and 220,000 gear shift tests for long term performance and resilience.
Advance Design Center: This center covers the state of the art tools for vehicle design and full size car modeling and review of milling process. Advance design center develops the strategies to explore future mobility solution and technology integration. Auto designers use the model to evaluate vehicle proportions and surface graphics.

Analysis of General Motors: General