Thoreau Discussion Essay

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I see Thoreau as a man who does not really care to work for an honest wage. He seems to posses this strange attitude as if people owe him something instead of him owing something to others. He puts off a very arrogant attitude from my viewpoint. If Thoreau were to choose a side between the fisherman and the tourist I think it is obvious whom he would defend. I believe he would defend the fisherman, because they have somewhat of similar views. He would tell the tourist that the fisherman has no reason to start something great and waste his time to get back to where he is now. He also seems to disagree with the working world. He says “It would be glorious to see mankind at leisure for once.” That statement alone tells one that he definitely would defend the fisherman over the tourist. However, he seems to share some traits with the tourist. They both try to force their opinion on you in a way. If Thoreau were to live in modern society he would have a field day with his writings. He would have enough writing to do on the business world to last him an eternity. Judging from his writings, he would be so against how society works today simply because everyone in society today is productive and constantly “selling their time” to make a living. If he wanted to see mankind at leisure he would not find it in the 21st century. I believe that he would not agree with our currently culture and society because he would be close-minded and not used to the changes in culture…