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“Love No Thottie”
The idea of gender inequality is an idea that has been around for centuries in fact one could go as far to see this idea has been around since the beginning of time starting with the story of Adam and Eve and its description of how it was a woman who first introduced man to sin and the idea of good and evil along with all of the things they entail. The term Thot which is commonly misunderstood to mean “that hoe over there” but in reality means “thirsty hoe over there” (thirsty meaning a woman desperate for attention of a sexual nature) is just another way society is bring attention to the vast difference in the way we judge and compare the sexual exploits of women to men. In the article “Let’s Put an End to ‘THOT’: The Misogynistic Phrase That’s Sweeping the Nation” written by Amanda Marcotte for the Daily Beast in June of 2014, we get a clear look into not only the effect that this type of thinking has on society and a look into the trap that this can cause for women but also an interesting argument on why we need to put an immediate end to these forms of discrimination against females. The phrase Thot and similar words all hold women to this notion that to be respected as a woman means to not express yourself or be allowed to experiment sexually without being looked down upon as less valued than the women who do not do these things, there are multiple problems with this as Marcotte pointed out with the most glaring being that men who exhibit these behaviors are commended for their conquest or experience but also including the conflict women run into by being categorized as prude or unappealing if they dress and act conservatively and being coined thots or sluts if they do the opposite. This problem is not going to be an easy one for us as a community to fix though because this issue is not due only to the standard that men hold females to but also the standard that they hold each other to. While men may be at the root of these gender inequalities it has been women themselves who have helped these ideas to continue and flourish by not taking the initiative and ripping the figurative roots out.
There are many sociological concepts that can be applied to societies views on the differences between the promiscuity of women and that of men but I only have to choose a few so I will begin with the one I feel shows a very clear link to the subject of Thots and gender inequalities. A stalled revolution is essentially a concept coined by Arlie Hochschild that shows the imbalance of responsibilities or standards between women and men, this concept was started when women began to move more into the workforce making their roles multidimensional in the sense that they now not only worked full time but were then expected to maintain the same level of work at home yet men continued on in their already set roles of only working. This concept applies to gender inequality because while the concept may not have been sexual in nature it does show the difference in standards that men tend to hold women to. The same way there are men who still expect a woman to cook, clean, and take care of the children along with being employed, men expect women to be more conservative when it comes to their carnal needs while men are not just allowed but encouraged to feed their own needs as much as possible. The next concept that I feel would be relevant to my topic is the concept of a self-fulfilling prophecy, which is basically an extrapolation that causes itself to become true. The reason I feel that this concept is applicable to my topic is that these thoughts on gender inequality are not innate thoughts we are all born with but instead are ways of thinking that are told to us as a children which create the mindset that allows for women to be considered “sluts” or “thots”. When you tell little girls that if she has