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Through Australian Eyes-China episode, this film is about the Chinese who born in Australia, and feel confuse about her cultural identity. Ellen Youie, the main character of this film, a girl who born in Australia but having a Chinese cultural background, this cause her to started her journey to China. Even she has a Chinese background, but she still disconnected with her family and cultural, she is trying to find out her cultural identity.
In her journey, Ellen Youie said ‘’I have come to China because I suspect my roots live here and I am looking for a link which will give me greater sense of security as to where I belong in the world.’’ She is thinking about her cultural identity, and she is trying to connect her cultural.
’’I found much beauty there, but I didn’t feel at home.’’ Then there is a long shot for Ellen Youie, this scene can strongly saw that she is alone, isolated and disconnected. After she went to Beijing, she went to Canton and meets her blood relative; she said ’’I’m sorry I could not speak to her in Chinese.’’ She even needs a Canton translator when she communicated with her family, she don’t feel that she is belong to here, she lost the connection with the cultural, she is confusion about cultural identity.
The beginning of the film, the Big red colour and the Chinese traditional music are symbolises the background cultural China; The Moomba festival and Australian Band music are symbolise to Australia. These two different scenes are making a strong