Importance Of Critical Thinking

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Omar Pol csi section c3322 Mondays 6:50 Importance of Critical Thinking and Critical Writing in the Social Sciences. My evaluation about critical thinking is the next: like the title says we criticize. A movie, a book, an action, a person, a thing, or everything we can see, touch or feel. Our critique lets the rest of the universe know what we think and who we are, if somebody said to me that I am a bad person I would automatically come up with all my good quality’s and yet point out the weakness of whoever is criticizing me. That is a good example of how critical thinking is important, now what does it have to with the importance of critical thinking with social science? Let’s name one social science for example politics. A lot, simply because politics is a science and the word politics comes from the Greek Politikos: is the practice and theory of influencing other people on a global, civic or individual level. More narrowly, it refers to achieving and exercising positions of governance — organized control over a human community, particularly a state. In my own word it means to influence people to get somewhere like the Oval Office, the White House or the Congress, but how do you influence many people? Are you going to vote for someone just because is an option or because this person induced you to vote because you heard about what this person doesn’t like or what this person doesn’t do and how it would help you in your daily life? The second option sounds more reasonable right that sounds more like a critical thinking. So back at the beginning critical thinking is how you get people to know your point of view in many of the social sciences. Politics is only one example. When do you do critical thinking in your daily life? Let say you need to hire a lawyer (law is a social science) you have a directory with lawyers profiles and photos a normal person would go for how confident they look in the picture, their orientation and most likely pick the cheapest one among those with the characteristics I mentioned before that’s what we call superficial thinking. How critical thinking would help us with in this case and how would you do it? First you start off by criticizing yourself why do I need it? Can I afford it? Is there another option? Am I confortable with this? Analyze and interpret every single detail of the situation then when it comes the moment to pick one start analyzing the convenience of every one of them, read their resume, and analyze their personality, think of why did they become lawyers, see how far is their office from your house, analyze how his/her experience will help you reach your goal, and once you add up all this you’ll be able to narrow down your search and say why you don’t want to hire a or b according to the conclusions of your own critical thinking. And be able to criticize the ones you didn’t pick with strong facts.
As I mentioned before critical thinking help us make better decisions by analyzing every detail and ask why is this that way or why things happen. Critical writing is about the same whatever you can think you can print it on paper in a formal way