Thought and Dr. Seuss Essay

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Joel Peltz
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Hidden Messages!

Everyone has a person they dislike, such as an enemy, and people will do anything to overcome what has been thrown at them. In this essay, a person will learn what possible message of humanity Dr. Seuss has intertwined in his story of “The Butter Battle”. This story is often read to children who can't see the true meaning of the story. Many indicators are spread throughout the story showing there could be another message than what the kids see as a fairytale. There are tons of different examples in this story that explain humanity in a childish way including references to selfishness, the abuse of revenge, and the problems of war. The first sign of a message of humanity is the huge selfishness you quite often see in the characters that starts off the problem. Only thinking in your own way and not accepting thoughts from others is a huge sign of selfishness. That is what is seen from the characters in the story. The “Zooks” and the “Yooks” fought over which side the butter goes on a piece of toast, the completely separated themselves from each other because they were unable to compromise on their decisions. From their selfishness came a somewhat need for attack, and later on revenge. A continuous amount of selfishness brought up the need for revenge from the returning party. When a person is so caught up on what they think is right, they'll do anything to make it to the point where everyone agrees. Once the Zooks attacked by slingshotting the Yook's “Tough-Tufted Prickly Snick-Berry Switch” it made the Yook feel the need to fight back in order to defend their point. Both sides only believe in their thoughts and believe there is no other possible way to eat bread. The Yooks attempting to get their revenge turned the whole situation upside down and began a war. Now that the Yooks got their revenge on the Zooks, The