Thought and Favorite Location Essay

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My favorite location is Palm Beach, Fl. I visit this location because I he family there and once I visit we always go to the beach have one in their back yard it’s very fun to go to FL even though it takes a min to get there, but it’s worth the time and effort taking a trip there. We have much to choose from we go to the mall, out to eat, beach, swimming pool. It’s always something to do. Now, that’s my favorite location to be. (The reason for picking my favorite location is because it where I go every year when I was back in school. I loved going to FL I have so much fun hanging with my family while I’m at the beach I get by myself and walk and I will have my feet in the sand then I will sit down and look at the ocean and watch it and listen to the water. The water of the ocean really relaxes my mind, body, and soul. I will sit and let the water hit my body as I’m sitting here relaxing my mind. I will have so much going on in my life. I sit close my eyes and listen and think about my life. When the sun goes down and you see the sun down it’s a sight to see. I will stay there until it’s time to go home. I’m kind of scared because some oceans back to shore. Sharks and it’s always something happening to humans. We used to go all the way out in the beach and let the waves bring us back to shore. Our favorite restaurant we really don’t have one, but we do go out to eat every time I come down to visit them. The thing about they have time for me, and they always thinking about