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Graded Assignment
Journal, Part 1: The Outsiders
Answer the questions below in complete sentences. Each answer should be 3–5 sentences. When you have finished, submit this assignment to your teacher by the due date for full credit.
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1. After explaining about greasers and Socs, Ponyboy says, “I’m not saying that either Socs or greasers are better; that’s just the way things are.” What does this tell you about Ponyboy?
After Ponyboy explains this, it tells us that Ponyboy does not think that a general group of people can be better than another group. Even though things divided the Socs and the greasers, Ponyboy knows that it doesn't make much of a difference besides the social status because they are people as well. On page 118, Ponyboy says, "Things were rough all over, but it was better that way. That way you could tell the other guy was human too." To conclude this, Ponyboy thinks that being a Soc or greaser had nothing to do with being better than one another because deep inside, we're all the same. Ponyboy isn't so naïve as many people mark him as

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2. Ponyboy says, “Johnny and I understood each other without saying anything.” What does he mean by this?
Johnny and Ponyboy spent so much time together and went through a lot together that they almost think the same. Since they're both quiet people, they tend to notice things more and be more observant. Sometimes people can just look at each other when they see or hear something and know what each other are thinking