Thought and Professional Business Practice Essay

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Reflective writing

Before taking lectures of Professional Business Practice, I did not have an exactly idea that what it is going to talk about and I never think about my future career deeply and do not have clear goals and achievements. But I know that I want to work in accounting area since choose accounting and marketing as my bachelor degree, and I prefer to be a professional accountant which with the CPA license or marketing management, In order to achieve this goal, I brought some materials about this area and focus more in these two area. Initially, I think that if I familiar with the professional knowledge, it is enough for me to qualifying for the job. However, after four weeks lectures and extract reading for the course, I found that I totally wrong and change my initial thought, instead I have some new thoughts about the career.

In four weeks’ lecture, we were been asked to think about our future career and the teacher also introduced the idea of global workers and capabilities for been global workers. When I decide to study aboard and focus on business area, it also means that I already prepare myself to adapt the trade of globalization. But after I think about these four topic, I know that I need to become a successful global worker, and the solution is to brand yourself, to market the brand “You”. For example, when you want to promote a product, it is necessary to find out which make it become distinctive or what is it famous for. This is same as you promoter yourself. Besides, by doing things like building network which can add value to the brand, and the most