Creative Writing: A Short Story

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Summer casualy looked around the store at all the clothes. The first price tag she pulled up from a random shirt read-“ 64.99”.
“Wow” Summer whispered to herself.
Two seconds later there was a tap on summers shoulder. She slowly turned around and saw Casey and two other “popular” girls with ten to fifteen items of clothing in each hand.
“ You actually think you can afford that… HA!” Casey Said.
“ I was just looking” Summer replied back in an angry fierce way. All the girls laugh and went to the cash register. Summer admediatly left and ran home crying and ignoring everyone that said hi to her. Summer ran in the door and down the hall to her room. She dug her head in the pillow once more and cried. She cried for about five minutes and then sat up. Summer had an idea that she thought might work.
She ran downstairs to see her mom in the kitchen like always.
“ Mom can I do chores around the house to earn money?” Summer asked.
“Sorry Hun, but we cant afford that if you want to do chores out of the kindness of your heart that would be great.” She replied while getting the bread out of the cupboard.
“But why do you money so bad?”

“Cuz mom I just ripped my only pair of jeans and I have two shirts. You know that shop on the corner of Del Monte and Ridge Road. Well everybody shops there and I just want to get something there its like the only cute store we have in Rochester.” Summer Complained.

“ Well you know its your birthday coming up so maybe you’ll get some