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Getting started

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How to Get
Started With
Mind Mapping
Your Introduction to the
World’s Most Powerful
Thinking Tool

By Michael Tipper
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Step 1 – Start in the middle of the page
Step 2 – Use blank paper
Step 3 – Start with a central image
Step 4 – Different branches for different headings
Step 5 – Add the detail on sub-branches
Step 6 – Central branches are larger
Step 7 – Use arrows to link related ideas
Step 8 – Have continuous lines
Step 9 – Use Key Words
Step 10 – Use UPPER CASE lettering
Practice Point 1 – Mind Map the News for practice
Practice Point 2 – Mind Map your long hand notes first
Practice Point 3 – Use coloured pens
Practice Point 4 – Use little sketches

©Michael Tipper 2008 All Rights Reserved

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Many years ago now, well in the middle of the last century as the Beatles were splitting up, men were landing on the moon and England were still holders of the Soccer World Cup (yes it was that long ago!), a British Psychologist called Tony
Buzan was exploring the development of his own learning and memory abilities.
To do this he studied what the best students and thinkers were doing to get amazing results and came to the conclusion that to be the best in class you probably had the best notes. By analysing the features and processes these people carried out, Tony identified the key characteristics of their notes.
To cut a long story short Tony synthesised his findings and developed a note taking technique that he called the Mind
Mapping – literally a Map of the way the Mind stored, sorted, prioritised and processed information.
This differed from the standard linear verbal structure of words, lines, sentences and lists that children in schools had been taught for years. Instead Mind Mapping presented information in a flowing, colourful nodal structure organising key words and pictures.
Today literally millions of people around the world use Mind
Mapping in their daily personal and professional lives
I have met, trained with and worked alongside Tony over the last few years and have had the privilege to have been personally tutored by this great man. So the information that you are getting here is as good as from the horse’s mouth as you can get.
Mind Mapping literally changed my life when I discovered it a few years ago. All of a sudden I found learning much easier and took far less time.
Over the years that I have been doing it, my creativity and thinking ability have dramatically improved and the reason I now speak to thousands of people about learning and the brain’s capabilities is because of Mind Mapping.
©Michael Tipper 2008 All Rights Reserved

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So hopefully you have got the idea that this is a pretty impressive thinking tool.
It has many applications and can be used to great effect in any profession. It has tremendous benefits and what I am going to do in this Introduction to Mind Mapping is to show you how to create one.
So where shall we begin? Well first of all let me show you what a Mind Map looks like:

It consists of a central image that encapsulates the topic under consideration, main branches that represent the key ideas of the topic and then smaller branches for the sub…