Thought and Specific Words Poe Essay

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For this short story I choose to do words. The word choice in MRD* is very descriptive and unique. Reading RLW helped me pick up on all the specific words Poe used. In the beginning of the words chapter she has you question “why did they choose that word?” and while reading MRD that is I was thinking over and over. Poe doesn’t just use one word to describe something but multiple words, for example “But Prince Prospero was happy and dauntless and sagacious.” or “…the whole seizure, progress, and termination of the disease…” Poe uses a large variety or words and that is one of the things that make this short story so fantastic.
Another chapter I choose to focus on was narration. MRD is told in third person and while reading I wondered what is added to the story since it’s in third person. RLW makes you think and wonder why the author chooses that perspective. Poe made the best choice for perspective. This story would not mean as much if it was told from the Princes POV. The descriptions of the room would be lacking, if even there, the guests emotions would not be conveyed.
The last chapter that fits this story well is detail. In both previous paragraphs detail has come up and that is because this story is full of it. Poe focuses on such things most people would never think to focus on. In RLW Prose talks about how people are most convincing with detail on the right topic. On the things most people would pass over and not think twice of. Poe makes sure to give detail about