Thoughts: Nutrition and Milk Products Essay

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In the 8 chapter, nutrition, weight control and diet, exercise, and safety Sarafino presents a figure(fig 8-1), which doesn't fit in the book. In my eyes the chart recommends to consume high amounts of milk and grains. Vegetables get a to small meaning in the chart. Since the stone age our metabolism is used to vegetables, fruits and meat.Why should milk, which we usually only got as a child, and much grains, with a lot of carbohydrates that are a "new thing" to our metabolism, be so important in our nutrition? The abound of carbohydrates are not needed for our body built and only serve for energy. Whole grains have many fibers and minerals, but they are also included in fruits and vegetables without the large amount of carbohydrates. Of course milk and milk products are good, but the proposed amount seems to much for me.
I guess grains and milk products get such a big part, because the food-guide pyramid was created by the department of agriculture. I think milk and grains are the most redundant produced nutrients.

The paper of Rozin, Food and Life,Pleasure and Worry, Among American College Students: Gender Differences and Regional Similarities is very shocking. One the one hand it is good that a healthier lifestyle is promoted and recommended in every media that everyone get aware and get support to develop a heathy lifestyle. But on the other hand all the information offers less confident persons, or nutrition aware people to many factors they need to concern about.