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1. My outcomes were good. My Foundations Lab path Builder show me that I mastered all available. Altogether I mastered a total of three modules. The first one I passed was sentence skills. The second one I passes was punctuation, mechanics and spelling. The third and final one was the craft of writing.

2. These skills apply to my academic life by showing me how to write and use proper grammar and to use sentences correctly. In any school that you go to show you and advise you if you didn’t know so when you have to write paper you will be ahead and
When you have to and the time comes you will know what to do.

3. These skills will apply to my professional life because when I graduation from University of Phoenix, I will become a family counselor. I will have to use these skills and apply them when I communicate with my clients. For example, if one the children must explain to me what is wrong and I write it on the board so they can see I will have to use spelling and sentence skills so they can understand.

4. Yes I was surprised at the results. For the most part I did well in English while in high school. Some of the question I remembered what the correct answer was because I remember going over how to use punctuation and how to use correct grammar when writing an essay. My freshman year of high school I had to write a 10 page paper and it had to be grammatically correct or my English instructor would take two